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Well its time to start creating my new website and new web prescence so I have bought some real online space and my blog can now be found at ! Thanks for all the support!



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Hello and thanks for stopping by to view my blog! I am currently in the process of creating a wonderful website bur in the meantime please bear with the blog to see all of my work! I will still have the blog in the future but hopefully it will have an all new look for me! Its great way to keep up with everything thats going on!

You can see pages to the right highlighting various aspects of my work —->


I’m a Manchester or cheshire wedding and portrait photographer primarily, I also love to do engagement sessions, baby sessions and commercial work!

I look forward to working with you!

***dawn & suraj [love]***

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Wow! What a weekend! Very very little sleep! Has such fun with Dawn and Suraj Today shooting their engagement session. They were amazing, So comfortable in front of the camera. I’m sure they’ve done this before – or at least been practicing in front of the mirror for hours! Thanks for dressing great too – it really adds to the photos!

Such a lovely lovey couple and very fun to be with! Cant WAIT ’till the wedding! See you then!

(Ps thanks for Dinner! But what should I expect from a guy who drives a Ferrari? 😀 )







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*** Niyarah & Alex ***

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We had wonderful fun today with Alex and Niyarah! Suuuuuch cute, beautiful kids! It was so so fun and easy to photograph them! Alex was shy at first and said he wouldnt let me take photos but then it soon became a battle for the camera and he wanted his turn 😀 He got me with his water pistol quite a few times too 😀 Niyarah is just such a wonderful model!


enjoy the sneak peak! and Slideshow with many more!







Charlotte & Jason!!!! ***wedding***

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Wow!!!! WHAT a day! A brilllliant day! Enjoyed it soooo sooo much. Charlotte & Jason got married at the Emmanuel church in Holcombe near bury. A very beautiful building and area.  They looked brilliant, everyone was super friendly too! It was just like being at a friends wedding that have been friends for years. Little harry made me laugh walking around in the ceremony – he is SUCH a character! Special thanks go to the Charolotte & Jason (of course) and all the family. Thanks a million for bigging me and Hannah up in the speeches! I was kinda embarassed about it but loved it all the same!!!!


I usually worry lots about clients enjoying my photos but I just KNOW they are going to LOVEEEE them 😀 – I know I do. By far the best work i’ve done so far.

EXTRA Special thanks go to Chris Rustage ( for his amazing support on the day. And last of all but certainly never least my beautiful girl Hannah. You were AMAZING today! Love you baby!


Anyway enough ramblings! Here’s a sneak peak!


 For the full gallery visit For thhe FULL GALLERY Please click HERE

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nooooo! one for all you guys out there!

the transportation


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Grown men were reduced to tears!


Definately the best dancer of the night. He had some CRAZY shapes!

Loves young dream


Sorry i can’t remember your name but all I can say is wow! You sure both know how to model! You and Chloe! If you ever want to book me and Hannah for an afternoon’s shooting around manchester that would be super cool- I’m sure we’d get many more shots for facebook! – or even Elle (hope thats the latest in magazine :-))

(I took lots of photos which will be available to browse within the next 2 weeks – keep checking back! Any you particularly enjoyed can be purchased online prints to your door or can be purchased digitally (please email), sorry I have to do this guys but it helps cover my costs as i’ve only just started, i’m sure you understand.) 


emma & simon e-session!

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So we head down to Sandhole Oak Barn in Congleton for an E-session today! I was feeling realllly rough with a serious dose of manflu! but thankfully the rain held off! I now have no voice, which i kinda like. Stops me getting in trouble.

Anyway… here is your sneak peak emma and simon and thanks for your help today! See you at the wedding!


***jessica, anders & suzie***

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Here is little baby Jessica. She was really sweet and well behaved! So cuuute and she loved hannah! Think Hannah wanted to take her home but I said no 😀

So here are a few photos from the loooong session today that I really enjoyed because it was just chilled and relaxed with no pressure.

Enjoy the photos! More to come! Keep hitting refresh!