Prices (investment)


Photographs are an investment there’s no question about it. No moment is the same twice, no baby is as cute all their life (unfortunately :)) So in 20 years you wont remember that you spent some money on photographs instead of buying a new pair of shoes that week. The shoes will be long gone- if your anything life my girlfriend! So invest in memories that last forever.


2008 Spring Season Prices


Babyshoot/ Outdoor Portrait Session

2 hour shoot -£50 for the session fee. Then you choose the one or a combination of the following . Only buy the photographs you like!


8 of your selected images on CD (high quality fine art shots as shown on the website. With a variety of stylish processing treatments including black and white sepia and colour) -£200 + £20 for each additional image.

Single price per image with selected treaments on CD– £55

CD’s include full copyright release with full “right to print”. These images are high quality enough to have printed up to very large canvas. 


***Standard Print Sizes***

6×4″ £13.00

7×5″ £16.00

8×6″ £18.00

12×8″ £21.00

Special ***Order 10 Prints and receive a 10% discount off the total print price***

Any other print size available

Canvas prints Also available on request. See the Wall art section of the website…


Please email  if you have any more questions.



Full days photography by Tobiah Tayo with a second photographer available (£150 extra)

The price includes 100 images on CD processed to perfection £999 Aditional images available for purchase for £10 each. This includes a FREE engagement session with 3 high resolution images on CD. Additional images and prints can be purchased for £10 per print.

Other Photography

Events, Family, Modeling portfolios, Product, Commercial. Please contact me


Please contact me at for any further pricing details




One Response to “Prices (investment)”

  1. awesome pics!
    good to see you and han on sat, you both look well
    ciao for now

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