Charlotte & Jason!!!! ***wedding***

Wow!!!! WHAT a day! A brilllliant day! Enjoyed it soooo sooo much. Charlotte & Jason got married at the Emmanuel church in Holcombe near bury. A very beautiful building and area.  They looked brilliant, everyone was super friendly too! It was just like being at a friends wedding that have been friends for years. Little harry made me laugh walking around in the ceremony – he is SUCH a character! Special thanks go to the Charolotte & Jason (of course) and all the family. Thanks a million for bigging me and Hannah up in the speeches! I was kinda embarassed about it but loved it all the same!!!!


I usually worry lots about clients enjoying my photos but I just KNOW they are going to LOVEEEE them 😀 – I know I do. By far the best work i’ve done so far.

EXTRA Special thanks go to Chris Rustage ( for his amazing support on the day. And last of all but certainly never least my beautiful girl Hannah. You were AMAZING today! Love you baby!


Anyway enough ramblings! Here’s a sneak peak!


 For the full gallery visit For thhe FULL GALLERY Please click HERE

This image is copyrighted by the owner


nooooo! one for all you guys out there!

the transportation


This image is copyrighted by the owner




Grown men were reduced to tears!


Definately the best dancer of the night. He had some CRAZY shapes!

Loves young dream


Sorry i can’t remember your name but all I can say is wow! You sure both know how to model! You and Chloe! If you ever want to book me and Hannah for an afternoon’s shooting around manchester that would be super cool- I’m sure we’d get many more shots for facebook! – or even Elle (hope thats the latest in magazine :-))

(I took lots of photos which will be available to browse within the next 2 weeks – keep checking back! Any you particularly enjoyed can be purchased online prints to your door or can be purchased digitally (please email), sorry I have to do this guys but it helps cover my costs as i’ve only just started, i’m sure you understand.) 



2 Responses to “Charlotte & Jason!!!! ***wedding***”

  1. Hi,
    Thought you were fantastic at Char & Jays Wedding and the pictures are stunning! Please would you let me know how much you charge for doing some photos of my two kids as I’m very interested.
    Thanks alot,
    Caroline (Charlottes sister)x

  2. Well what can we say, we think you are truly amazing and are just blown away by the shots you have taken. You and Hannah were just fantastic and we cannot thank you enough for being such an important part of our day. We will be booking you again for some Harry shots if you’re up for the challenge! You are a true talent who is going to go very far and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person!! Thanks a million xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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